All your data in 1 place

Company DMP helps you to track, store and create insights about all your company related data such as website bugs, UX-info, Marketing data etc.

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Data Managment Platform

Start making decisions based on data.


CompanyDMP tracks errors both in your frontend as backend to deliver better insights about your online services.

UX insights

Monitor where people are looking, clicking and which buttons they use the most. Improve your UX based on insights, not brainstorms.

Audience insights

Start tracking what people are reading and why they are reading that piece of content. Create audiences based on your current visitors.

Event tracking

Push custom events likes payments to our system to combine this information with other relevant data and see why your business is succeeding!



We use CompanyDMP to track what our visitors are reading and how we can create better content for them.


We use CompanyDMP because of the nice query building interface and the capabilities to get answer on our most important question.


It was never so easy to discover new bugs & flaws in our system and to "calculate" the impact on our business.